Visual Inheritance

I am interested in unravelling your stories and laying them bare. Not only to serve as a testament of your journey but as a visual inheritance for generations to come.

I appreciate simplicity and light. I like unorthodox and interesting compositions. I am inspired by Renaissance hands and heavy brush stokes. I think perfect moments are always a little imperfect.

Branding session

love notes

There are really no words for what its like to work with this incredible woman! Amanda is not only an amazing photographer but she just has this way of making women feel so loved, held, nurtured and empowered all at the same time. In our branding shoot she got amazing images that were on brand both in color and style. I also felt something really magical in the process of being seen by Amanda. There is something in her energy that captures the realness and boldness of women and she truly made me feel like a queen and more myself than ever before. No other photographer has been able to capture this.

Krissy L.

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I love painterly light and subtle gestures. I create images which aim to instantly take you back into that moment - the smell of her neck, the sound of his voice. The compilled emotions of a hundred sleepless newborn nights, or first steps. It is here, where we converge.