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I take pictures first with my heart, then with my camera

Amanda Young is a photographer and creative entrepreneur who specializes in turning your grand moments into timeless fine art imagery. Her dynamic background in gallery & museum collections management largely shapes the way in which she approaches her work ~ with a skilled eye for light, composition and storytelling. She loves how an entire narrative can be derived from just one image and believes that creating a visual legacy is one of the most valuable heirlooms that we can pass down. Her elevated aesthetic is largely inspired by Old Masters, Renaissance & Contemporary art.

Based in Vermont, New York and Boston, Amanda is a well seasoned traveller and always has her passport ready for the next adventure! Along with her spirited energy, she brings with her a sense of calm and professionalism to all of her couples and clients. As a photographer who specializes in intimate weddings, elopements & portraiture, she understands that every story we tell is uniquely ours and deserves to be highlighted in the most authentic and beautiful of ways. She captures the events of the day as they unfold naturally while also finding time to compose stunning and artistic images that become timeless legacies.

Amanda has studied at the Art Institute of Boston and holds a BFA in Museum Studies from Arizona State University. In addition to her arts background, she has worked as an Energy Worker and Birth Doula for nearly ten years. This unique career path has given her the perspective that even the smallest of gestures and the most fleeting of moments can have the greatest of impacts on us. She is adept at seeing the big picture and capturing the small moments. When she is not behind a lens, she is running wild in the rivers of Vermont with her two little boys. She believes that a life well-lived is one of integrity, passion, creativity and lots of wild dance parties! She plans to hold herself accountable to those values and let this beautiful journey of life unfold with a camera in her hands.

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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way; things that i had no words for.

Georgia O'Keefe