First on the dance floor. No less than 5 cameras on my person.

With a seasoned eye for the 'in-between', I understand that the through line in our memories are the sense driven moments - The ones that pull us back into that time and place, again and again. I look through the viewfinder with this understanding.  

I studied at the Art Institute of Boston and obtained my BFA in Museum Studies at Arizona State University. My natural, intuitive energy blends with my studies in the arts to craft an elevated aesthetic that balances both the beauty and the depth of this life. My job is to work behind the scenes as your day unfolds naturally so you can let go, get lost in the moment, and most of all–have fun. 

I am LGBTQ+ inclusive and an advocate for a person's right to choose- you are welcomed here!

Lightening Round

I've traveled to 42 countries and counting
I love a good pun
Favorite cocktail - G+T (with lemon, never lime)
Favorite museum - Boston MFA
Usually the first one on the dance floor
I love hand written notes
Icons: Angelica Huston / David Bowie
In another life, it would feel exactly like this one



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