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Behind the Lens


I take pictures
first with my heart...
and then with my camera.

Before I say anything, know this:
Here, you are seen. You are heard. 
Finding a photographer that you trust and feel safe welcoming into your intimate moments is crucial. 

Someone who listens. 
Someone who honors you and your story. 
Someone who values process–by starting with the end product in mind, tailor-made for you (and the end product is pretty damn incredible). 

Here’s what I believe: 
You deserve to feel and look your best. Full stop. That includes your frame of mind, too. Being relaxed, confident, carefree, and completely at ease is essential to loving your experience and allowing the honesty to come through in your photographs. 

I’ve got my camera at the ready.
Let’s make magic. 

The artist’s dossier: 
Mama of two littles with my lover of twelve years
You can find me tucked away in the woods of Vermont–it’s been home for fifteen years!
I am a certified herbalist, Doula, and holistic bodyworker. I wanted to be three things when I was young; a fashion designer, an artist and a ballerina. So far I've checked one of the boxes is long!  

I was just fourteen when my art teacher, Mrs. Davis, unlocked the world for me. She sat me down in front of a Sally Mann book and my life never looked the same again. 

I picked up my mother’s old, dusty Nikon and Mrs. Davis gave me the creative’s crash course in composition, reading light, metering, and developing my own film. To say I became obsessed would be the understatement of the century. I made anyone and everyone my subject. I spent so much time in the darkroom that Mrs. Davis eventually gave me my own key. During all four years of high school, I spent nearly every afternoon in that pitch black, cramped room reeking of chemicals. It was heaven. Twenty years later and I’m still just as in love with making art (and just as excited when I get my film scans back)!

My soulful background in energy and body work empowers me to be deeply attuned to my subject (with an eye for subtleties). I studied at the Art Institute of Boston and obtained my BFA in Museum Studies at Arizona State University. My natural, intuitive energy blends with my studies in the arts to craft an elevated aesthetic that balances both the beauty and the depth of this life. My job is to work behind the scenes as your event or session unfolds naturally so you can let go, get lost in the moment, and most of all–have fun. 

I'm amanda


A midsummer feast, pulled straight from our garden. Enjoyed alongside friends, under a summer sky. If the ambiance is right however, nearly anything can taste good. 


I can't believe I'm lucky enough to share my life with three incredible guys - My partner Nate and our two sons, Finnian and Satori. They are my total recipe for joy. 



Spending time in my garden, exploring new Vermont swimming holes with my boys & BOOKS!



Dark chocolate, Rosé, period dramas, art museums with my sketchbook and vintage shopping - preferably all in the same day. A great book and a cozy fire will also serve me just fine. 

guilty pleasure


I've had the privge of traveling to 24 countries and all of the lower 48 states. Some of my favorites include Bali, India, Nepal, Fiji, Italy, France, & Greece

places i've been



Its cliche but being able to preserve tangible memories for my clients is truly an honor. I love when someone sees their images for the first time and they are taken aback at how beautiful, relaxed and happy they are within them. Even the ordinary moments become iconic and enduring.

part of my job


my favorite things:

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